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Fero is Web Based Accounting Software for Financial Statements. Fero is designed with three packages: Fero One, Fero Two, and Fero Three. Fero One is a Web Based Accounting Software for Financial Report with simple features that provide user with journal input method –General Journal Fero One will provide Financial Report consists of Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow. Fero Two is a web based accounting software for Financial Report with more complete features for each activity like Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Payroll, Banking, General Journal and it will also provide Financial Report and Report for each features. Fero Three is a Web Based Accounting Software for manufacturing company. Almost all of the features in Fero One & Fero Two are included in Fero Three with additional features for manufacturing company. All of the packages are designed for small-medium enterprise company.

Why Using Fero Web Based Accounting Software

Fero Web Based Accounting Software provides convenience, effectiveness and practicality for your company and your business in processing Financial Reports. By using Fero Web Based Accounting Software, you can access your Financial Statements anywhere and anytime as long as the data is inputted regularly by the staff in your company. Make sure you have a good internet connection while working on your data. Fero Web Based Accounting Software will help you in making quick decisions, saving the report of presentation process, reducing paper use for making reports (optional), and also will help you speeding up the revisions work for transaction errors.

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Fero One

350.000 IDR Monthly

Account History

Journal of History

Cash Report / Bank

Cash Flow Statement

Profit Loss Per Department

Profit and Loss

Comparative Profit and Loss

Trial Balance

Standard Balance Sheet

Comparative Balance Sheet

  • 1 User

Fero Two

500.000 IDR Monthly

All Feature In Fero One






Plus each features report

  • 2 Users

Fero Three

800.000 IDR Monthly

All Feature In Fero One

All Feature In Fero Two


Plus each features report

  • 3 Users

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